Amy’s story



Amy’s story


  • “I’ve realised that Vodafone is one family.”

    Amy, Industrial Placement Student


Industrial Placement student Amy wasn’t sure what path to follow after completing her A-levels. She decided to embark on a Sociology degree – not least because it had been her favourite subject. Then, midway through her second year, she heard about the opportunity to undertake an industrial placement year as part of her studies.

“It was something I’d never considered before. But I realised it would be a great opportunity to experience the working world and get an idea of what I wanted to do after university. I really liked the sound of Vodafone’s programme, and the company itself.”

“Working at Vodafone has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and the realisation of how collaboration is key.”

Amy went on to work in our Group Resourcing team, focusing on the planning and strategy for our Global Youth Programmes. These programmes shape how young people can be involved in Vodafone life.

What Amy loved about her role the most was how much scope there was to learn, develop and grow.

“On a day-to-day basis, I’d talk to people all over the world, and although Vodafone may have many different markets, I’ve realised that Vodafone is one family. There is such an inclusive nature in the company that I could always be myself and know that my thoughts would always be heard. As for my top tip, never be afraid to ask questions.”