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Andreia’s story


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  • “It’s the way we collaborate that makes the company so special.”

    Andreia Martins, Head of IT Operations

As our Head of IT Operations, Andreia is responsible for people, applications and services for the business.

“It’s a big responsibility but I’m hugely passionate about what I do, and I like the challenge that my job brings. My typical day is quite dynamic, and I work across roughly 40 projects of varying sizes. It’s an exciting time for everyone at Vodafone as we’re going through a lot of important changes, and we’re all working together to ensure we’re ready for them.”

“I’m proud to be part of a team with such a diverse network because it allows us to change the way we think and do things.”

Building strong relationships is critical in Andreia’s role – not least because so many people from so many different backgrounds call Vodafone home. She loves that everyone is able to bring their own personal strengths to the table, and develop new skills in the process.

“Vodafone is creative, dynamic and inclusive. We’re made up of so many different departments with different skill sets and strengths, and it’s the way we collaborate that makes the company so special. Everyone contributes to the wider success of the company. If you’ve got the passion and persistence, you’ll fit right in.”