James’ story



James’ story


  • “My main reason for joining was flexibility.”

    James, Commercial Specialist


Initially, James was a little nervous about joining a large global company like ours. But that quickly changed after he experienced life at Vodafone.

“I’ve loved working with so many different people from all over Vodafone UK and from Group Enterprise. A few of those colleagues have become firm friends outside of work too. When I first got here, I worked on simple mobile-focused deals. Now, I spend a lot of my time working on high value deals with many products.”

“There have been a few instances where the work I have done has contributed to a high-profile deal and that is very satisfying.”

It’s our ethos that James likes the most – our commitment to personal development and approach to flexible working.

“The flexibility is great. And the support you get with prioritising things is fantastic. In terms of my personal development, I look at where I started to where I am now, and I am far more confident – much better at networking and meeting new people.”