Karin’s story



Karin’s story


  • “There are many similarities between managing a family and managing a team.”

    Karin, Head of IoT Commercial


Our Head of IoT Commercial Karin joined us through a career returns programme. Her experience, she says, was like coming home.

“On my first day, a senior business HR partner came to meet me in the lobby, stayed with me the whole day and made me feel very welcome. I feel like I never left the corporate world. There are many similarities between managing a family and managing a team. You have to be very organised, for one thing. You quickly learn how to motivate others. And as everybody who has children knows, it for sure teaches you conflict management.”

“I believe that taking a career break, whether it’s to look after your loved ones, or to do something different, really enhances your experience and your character.”

Karin’s leadership style is centred around trust and empowerment. She firmly believes that as long as the people in her team deliver what they committed to deliver, everything works. It’s also what makes her so passionate about promoting STEM opportunities for girls.

“Vodafone is a truly global organisation, and many programmes are also run globally. Through the ‘Code like a Girl’ programme, Vodafone will provide free coding workshops to 1,000 girls across 26 countries.”