Yogesh’s story



Yogesh’s story


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  • “I’m working with fantastic colleagues all across the world.”

    Yogesh, Security Awareness Campaign Lead

Having started in our Shared Services Centre in India and now based in London, Security Awareness Campaign Lead Yogesh has certainly experienced the international scope and cross-border collaboration that’s so intrinsic to our success. He says it’s given him a whole world of opportunity to explore.

“Vodafone is a truly global company that connects millions of people to their loved ones, thousands of businesses with their next opportunity, and millions of things that connect our world. We also improve the future of communities in some of the most challenging places on our planet.”

“We’re working on a new vision to create a digital telco. We’re preparing ourselves to work in new ways, redefining the part we will play in this new normal.”

Over the past year, Yogesh’s transition to his new role in a new country has been an incredibly smooth one. A large part of that has come down to the support he gets from his line manager and the wider team. 

“I’m working with fantastic colleagues all across the world. With Group Corporate Security in London, I get to experience the array of advantages that come from being part of a truly diverse team – a team where we respect and build on each other’s strengths, as well as our differences in opinions.”